We fit best with:
• New Business owners –just starting out
• Existing business owners – wanting to reach the next level
• Owners preparing to sell their business’

Let’s meet on line or in person -no pressure, no risk. We have a proven business system and models that have worked for thousands of businesses just like yours.
We’re confident that we can show you at least a 20% increase in your business within 45 minutes.
We promise you won’t or we won’t waste your time. If you are not satisfied that we cannot implement what we say, within 45 minutes from the start of your first session for “any reason” we would be only too happy to refund your money back 100%.

Our initial program for new clients is our Focus & Clarity Session.

Focus & Clarity

Your initial appointment with a Business Coach Executive® is called a foundation session or discovery session. As a coach we listen for who the client is; we ask questions to be clear on our client’s values, life purpose and passions.
What do you want from coaching? Do your goals include, objectives, and personal development? At our business coach company we usually hear one or all three of these areas clients would like to address in their coaching.

“To net more profit, to get more clients and have more time off.”

We’ll introduce you to our proven Business Coach Systems™, which will give you focus and clarity on what next step(s) you need exactly.

What’s going on in your life right now? What challenges are you facing? You don’t need to go it alone. Are you in or out of balance in your life?

We design the alliance: How do you want to be coached? What kind of support do you want from your coach? We agree to ask for permission to challenge, and hold you accountable. You will receive open and honest communication while setting clear expectations.

Our guarantee – If after 45 minutes you tell us you can’t see how we can add 20% into your business, or we are just not a fit…it’s free.

Investment $297.00 + GST

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One-on-One Coaching Sessions

-on-One Business -coaching sessions are custom-made for you. We provide the focus and clarity so your business can perform beyond your expectations. If you want to make the fastest, most impactful and long-lasting changes, this is for you.

Depending on your preference, you’ll meet with your coach by phone, online or in person 3 to 4 times a month for 1 hour to 90 minutes each session.

One-on-one business coaching sessions are designed for you based on your goals and business objectives. It’s customized so you and your Business Coach Executive™ will work together identifying opportunities and solving challenges, while focusing on improving communications and functionalities on all levels. While increasing net profit and building equity. With the Business Coach Company® “Your in business for yourself, but not by yourself”

Coaching helps you:

  • Take control & have accountability to yourself
  • Set clear business goals and objectives
  • Use a proven business system of action(s) to reach those goals
  • Grow your net profits and build equity
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Fearless Public Speaking (Workshop)


Most of people list public speaking as their biggest fear. Forget small spaces, dark places, and spiders, standing up in front of a crowd and talking is far more terrifying for most people. However, mastering this fear and getting comfortable speaking in public can be a great ego booster, not to mention a huge benefit to your career.

The Fearless Public Speaking™ program gives participants the proven skills of public speaking, including in-depth information on developing an engaging program and delivering their presentation with power.

You’ll learn to find just the right words to use for your audience. We will show you or your team how to prepare the details to let you overcome nervousness. Imagine delivering a clear, polished professional speech. Yes you can. You will participate in a friendly helping non-judgemental atmosphere of learning.

You will learn to:

  • Create an Unforgetable “elevator speech”
  • Prepare all the details
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Deliver a polished, professional speech
  • Learn to command the room and captivate your audience
  • Handle questions and comments effectively
  • Become the caliber of speaker people look forward to hearing
  • Discover simple and effective techniques to speak with confidence, authenticity and conviction
  • How to create a powerful, effective and memorable speech in a matter of minutes and have fun doing it

The program is designed for individuals, groups, organizations, or sales professionals that need to communicate their messages effectively.

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